Crossing the unconscious, nothing less !

As written in my preliminary thoughts of this website, this allegation stand in the front page (also named « home » page in a way we doesn’t really know which kind of home it is). But the question therefore is : what is the meaning of such an unconscious ? And also what does « cross » really means ?

Going through, first, represent in our lives nothing else than finding sense of death, in other words where it leads in our opinion. We all know that, even if we do all what’s possible to avoid having it in mind, more precisely in consciousness (which explains that remains unconscious). As I wrote elsewhere, « Along our existence, and for each of us, it is always time to fight the phantoms of finitude and oblivion that hount us in the deepest secret, as well as time to mask the painful feeling of abandonment which is at its origin or is a necessary consequence ».

So the question is solved by our own choice in that matter, the choice of nothing or nobody else.

I also technically defined the unconscious as part of human spirit protected by anxiety of the abandon of the presence at oneself, which is a little too long to develop in such a post, as I hope you will agree.

All of this is not nice nor amusing ? But neither is the existence.